Annual Update 2022 VNG International

Dealing with

Conflict, Fragility

and Migration

by strengthening DEMOCRATIC

local government

Recent / Ongoing Projects

Security is a basic human need, and  providing security and protection is a prime responsibility of governments. In fragile environments, local government can play a crucial role in promoting dialogue and restoring the social contract between the state and citizens, also through concrete measures such as making public spaces safe, providing safe access for women to fields and markets, etc. Some of our projects focus on that local government role.


With the enormous numbers of refugees and internally displaced persons, in various regions of the world, also the strain on host communities has become more visible than ever, in terms of the pressure on basic services, housing, employment, transport, etc. We firmly believe that this requires a new approach to the reception of refugees in their region of origin, connecting relief interventions with long term local development. We seek that synergy between our projects and the work done by UN agencies and relief organisations.




Burundi, Amahoro@Scale - An Integrated Approach Towards Improved Tenure Security and Land Governance in Burundi

01-10-2021 / 31-05-2025

donor: Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)

consortium PARTNER(S): ACO-Burundi (Association des Communes du Burundi); MiPAREC



Congo (DRC), ESPAD Peace and Security Program in Djugu

01-10-2020 / 30-09-2022

donor: UNDP DR Congo

consortium PARTNER(S): Cordaid DR Congo



Congo (DRC), ESPASK Peace and Security Program in South Kivu

01-10-2020 / 31-03-2023

donor: UNDP DR Congo

consortium PARTNER(S): Cordaid DR Congo



Congo (DRC), ESPER Peace and Security Program in East DRC
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01-09-2020 / 31-08-2024

donor: Royal Netherlands Embassy in Rwanda

consortium PARTNER(S): Cordaid DR Congo



Congo (DRC), Inawezekana 'It is possible'

01-09-2017 / 31-12-2021

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

consortium PARTNER(S): ZOA Internationa Nederlandl; War Child Holland



Congo, Transition for Inclusive Development in Eastern DRC

01-07-2021 / 30-06-2025

donor: Royal Netherlands Embassy in Rwanda

consortium PARTNER(S): ZOA DRCongo; Africa Agribusiness Academy



Iraq, Lebanon, MASAR, Maintaining Strength and Resilience for Local Governments

19-12-2018 / 19-12-2021

donor: European Commissio



Libya, lmproved Service delivery and Accountability at Local Level - Component of Public Administration Facility Phase lll

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01-04-2019 / 31-03-2022

donor: European Commission



Northern Uganda, Supporting Refugees and Host Communities

01-07-2019 / 31-08-2022

donor: German International Cooperation Head Office (GIZ)




World, UCLG Peace Prize 2021-2023

01-01-2021 / 31-12-2023

donor: Vfonds, City of The Hague

CONSORTIUM PARTNER(S): United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG); PAX, City of The Hague; Provincial Council of Barcelona; Vfonds