Annual Update 2022 VNG International


Map of LSGs in Serbia with their status of preparation of local Disaster Risk Assessment and Protection and Rescue Plans with information of the Sector of Emergency Management, and selection of the 8 LSGs the project focuses on.


‘There is no training for the implementation of the Protection and Rescue Plan before the occurrence of any disaster. So this project fills a dangerous gap.’

Employee of the municipality of Svilajnac, responsible for DRM related tasks



Developing Sustainable and

Resilient Cities and Communities

by strengthening democratic local government


Featured Project

Serbia, Advise LSGs on development of Local DRR Plans



In Serbia we advise Local Self Government Units (LSGs) in the field of flood management in a consortium headed by Deltares with its local counterpart the Jaroslav Černi Water Institute and the European Policy Centre in Belgrade. Specifically we look into how LSGs can develop and enhance Disaster Risk Assessment, Local Protection and Rescue Plans and Local Disaster Risk Reduction Plans as stipulated in the national Disaster Risk Management (DRM) law from 2018, with a particular focus on flood hazard and, with the stipulations of the EU Flood Directive in mind, to align those plans with the flood risk management (FRM) and the respective operational action plans in case of floods. We closely involve relevant stakeholders including the Sector for Emergency Management (SEM) and the Public Investment Management Office (PIMO), as well as the national training institute for public administration (NAPA).



 Results achieved:


  • For 8 Local Self-Government Units a detailed assessment of local DRM plans, local capacity to deal with DRM tasks and capacity to develop the necessary plans, including recommendations on HRM needs, training needs and professional development.
  • Capacity Development training of trainers from NAPA, the national level training institute for public administration in Serbia, in the area of DRM, Protection and Rescue Plans and specifically flood management focused on the local level.